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Don’t underestimate Potplayer because you will be surprised by its overall performance and ability. The media player may look similar to other players (after all, they all do, don’t they?) but it has its own unique characteristics and ability. Not to mention that the player is actually a powerful app with great optimization tools, the latest video support technologies, a screen recorder, and built-in editing features. What can you ask for more?


Potplayer Overall Good and Bad

As it was mentioned before, Potplayer is basically a quite handy app that will improve your music enjoyment to a higher level. It may look super simple at first, but don’t underestimate it just yet because you will see that this app has tons of useful features that will bring your music enjoyment to a higher level, for sure.

On the positive note, you can enjoy the various features such as screen recorder or the improved optimization tools. You can also enjoy the video editing tools with quite complete features and abilities. Rest assured that editing the videos won’t be as hard as you think – at least, not with this app around. You can also enjoy the playback optimization, which isn’t always available in all media players. And there is 3D support, which is pretty cool and useful. The app also has video support with 360-degree viewing ability which will make everything feels simpler, easier, and definitely lighter.

So far, there isn’t any negative feedback that we can find. Most users don’t complain about anything and they are completely satisfied with this app’s performance.

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About the App in General

The creation of Potplayer is actually based on KMPlayer – which is understandable why most users love it so much. This app is free, and it can be used to play any music formats and also videos. As if it weren’t enough, the app will enhance the user experience to the greatest level so you will experience only the best music enjoyment time.

If you are familiar with KMPlayer, then you will be familiar with the interface from this app too. What if you are new to this and you have never operated it before? No need to worry, the user’s interface is super simple – you will get the hang of it within a short time. Not only this app can play all kinds of formats, but it also comes with effects and filters that will allow you to do various kinds of custom work.

Potplayer Latest Version
Potplayer Latest Version

Features to Adore

The design may be minimalist and clean, but the features are all handy and worth checking. Live streaming screen recorder has been one of the most favorable features. And then you have a video editor as well as TV receiver – pretty cool, huh? Whatever output devices you use (BluRays, DVDs, or digital TVs), the app should be able to tackle it effortlessly.

You can also gain access to noise reduction, warp, mirror, or image blur or sharpen as you go exploring the use. Hopefully, the developer will be wise enough to expand all of these features as Potplayer becomes more popular and mainstream among computer users.

Download Potplayer Latest Version