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Developer Mozilla Foundation
License Free
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SeaMonkey is an open source internet suite you can get for free. Initially released on January 30, 2006, which is 12 years ago, this web browsing software operates for Windows, macOS, and Linux. If you have been familiar with Mozilla Firefox, this one is the continuation of Mozilla Application Suite.

Designed as a web browser, it looks more traditional in its interface it is compared to Firefox. The main points to check out about this app are the fact that it carries three beneficial functions which are browsing, email, and chat capabilities.

SeaMonkey Logo
SeaMonkey Logo

SeaMonkey Features

All-in-one Internet Suite

SeaMonkey is designed as an all-in-one internet suite. Thus, it offers useful functions as a browser, web editor, and built-in chat. These three functions are aimed to assist the users to build some basic websites. Along with this all-in-one internet suite feature, you will be able not only to browse but also edit your web and carry out chats through the built-in chat available.

DuckDuckGo Support

In case of browsing, it is luckily supported by the DuckDuckGo which will not track your history chat. The SeaMonkey default search engine enables you to enter search terms located in the URL bar. Afterward, DuckDuckGo will show you some page suggestions.

Password Manager Possession

The third feature of this app is the password manager possession. This means you have the authority or ability to set a password manager for your web browser software so that you can increase your security.

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Mobile Device Compatibility

When it comes to data synchronization, it is required that you have software with the ability to synchronize mobile devices to help you work easily. In this case, SeaMonkey is proved to be compatible with mobile devices so that you can be able to synchronize your computer with mobile devices for data transfer.

Security Updates

Another feature of SeaMonkey is the security updates which are very beneficial to help you protect your browsing. In this case, you are required to download every new security updates instantly from the website of the app. To enhance your security feature, you need to add an antivirus program to the browser.

SeaMonkey Latest Version
SeaMonkey Latest Version

Easy To Install

It is also considered quite easy to install. Although it doesn’t show a high speed of browsing, its easy installation invites people to consider using this app or software.


Conclusively, it is one of the widely used web browsers that you can install for free. The all-in-one functions offer you an easy way of browsing, web editing, and having chat through the built-in chat program. Along with the features added to this app, you can have a moderate web browsing to support your work efficiently.

Download SeaMonkey Latest Version