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Have you already known what Telegram Messenger actually is? If not, you are lucky enough to find this page since you will be directed to know more about this app. Telegram is defined as an instant messaging and voice over IP which is based on a cloud. This app was developed by telegram messenger LLP founded by Pavel Durov and Nikolai, the Russian entrepreneur. For desktop, this app is available for Windows NT, macOS and Linux.

Telegram Messenger Logo
Telegram Messenger Logo

Now the question is why you must consider Telegram Messenger. If you don’t have this app yet, you are so unlucky. Here we are going to help you find the answer to the question.

Telegram Messenger Main Features


The first reason why you must consider this app is that messaging app has high encryption which means that your profile, as well as your conversation, is highly encrypted so that you are considered having a very private conversation.


The second reason is the cloud-based feature which enables you to access any of your messages from multiple devices. This is very good to support you have the app in most of the widely-used devices. This means you can not only install the app for your desktop but also for your mobile devices.


If you want to send messages easily and quickly, this app is much recommended. This app is considered good to have the messages sent faster than any other application you may have already had.

Free From Ads

Another feature of Telegram Messenger is that the app is definitely free from ads. This feature will allow you to send and receive messages without any ads obstruction so that you will feel more comfortable.

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Telegram Messenger Latest Version
Telegram Messenger Latest Version


Security is one of the important points that most people are looking for in an app. If you use this app, your messages will be protected from the hacker attacks which may be potential to break down your messages security.


If you want to have a chat app with unlimited size and media, Telegram Messenger is the right option to install. This app has not only the unlimited size but also the powerful chats. Unlike WhatsApp which limits file size. Along with this app, you will able to make as many chats as you want.

Good Synchronization

As a chat app, telegram app allows your chats to synchronize not only your personal computer but also all of your devices. This feature enables you to easily have a chat on any kind of mobile devices since you maybe change your devices.


Along with the coordinate feature, the app enables you to create groups up to 100,000 members. Due to this fact, Telegram Messenger is considered as one of the best chat apps you must consider.


Finally, we may come to the conclusion that Telegram Messenger has a lot to offer. These 8 features are the reasons why you must consider this app for your desktop. Make sure you have this app soon and enjoy the quickest and the easiest way of sending and receiving messages.