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Are you looking for file-copying software for your Windows, macOS, and Linux? Ultracopier can be one of the considerations to take into the list. Initially released on March 29, 2009, this software is available in 8 languages. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about not understanding the feature or the programming languages included in the software.

Perhaps, Ultracopier has been installed on your computer but you don’t know how to operate it because you don’t know the features, too. Here we are! We are coming to tell you the features of Ultracopier so that you can maximize the usage due to the features. Thus, your working performance with the computer is better and high.

Ultracopier Logo
Ultracopier Logo

Ultracopier Main Features

Check out the 6 best features included in Ultracopier as follows.

Pause/Resume Transfer

The first feature of Ultracopier is the ability to pause or resume the transfer. Like TeraCopy, this file-sharing app has also an ability to pause or resume the on-going transfer. This is mostly happening when somebody makes a wrong click or just click the copy menu unintentionally. Thus, along with the pause/resume transfers feature of Ultracopier, you will be able to cancel.

Dynamic Speed Limitation

The second feature you may have a look at Ultracopier is the dynamic speed limitation. It definitely allows you to copy at the maximum limit so that you will be able to handle a big job with the computer. Dynamic speed limitation feature is very good at presenting you a speed limit.

On-Error Resume

Another wonderful feature you can make use of is the On-Error resume. In this case, this feature enables you to resume the On-error files that you are copying. Ultracopier will help you just to skip the error and get back to your original files position. This feature is very good at handling your copying process not to experience an error. In other words, it can avoid errors in the copying process.

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Data Security

The most important feature of an app that most people looking for is the data security. The users will try to make sure whether or not their data will be secure. Data security is the crucial factors for most of working with the computer. Therefore, if you are going to install an app, make sure that the app or software is providing high data security like Ultracopier.

Ultracopier Latest Version
Ultracopier Latest Version

Reorganization on Transferring the Files

The last but not least feature of Ultracopier you can use to maximize your computer performance is the ability to reorganize the files you are transferring. This means that along with this feature, you will be able to reorganize the files which are on the progress of transferring. It provides an easy way or reorganizing so that you won’t face any messy files on your computer.


In conclusion, Ultracopier deserves to take into consideration due to its useful feature t help you work easily with the computer, especially in copying files. Now that you have known about the feature, maximize its functions to get the better performance of copying.