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Yawcam comes as a free Java-based webcam streamer that allows you to set up and arrange a single webcam with a function to stream its content in an online way.

You may say that Yawcam is webcam software provided for Windows and written in Java. Simply, the main function of this software is to simplify the use of the webcam along with the common features included.


There are a lot of features you can check out of this software so that you can be able to make use of those features to maximize the functions after installing it on your personal computer. Look at the following review about the features of Yawcam.

Yawcam Features

Video Streaming

The first feature of the software is video streaming. This feature will definitely enable you to receive and present video supported by the provider. Along with this feature, you can also carry out a live video streaming in a real-time such as the live television broadcast.

Image Snapshot

The second feature of Yawcam you have to check out is image snapshot. This feature will certainly allow you to copy or capture the content at a specific time. Thus, this will be an interesting part you really like.

Password Protection

Password protection is the most crucial feature you have to know. If the software has a feature of password protection, it means it helps the users not to feel worried too much. Password protection certainly leads to high security which most people are looking for.

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Easy Setup and Usage

You must note that Yawcam has definitely a feature of easy setup and usage. This is very great since you may be just a beginner. Don’t worry. The easy setup and usage of this software will enable you to install the software and use it afterward.

Motion Detection

Another feature you have to know is motion detection. Along with this feature, you will be able to detect the position change of an object to its surroundings or vice versa. In this case, you can carry out motion detection through mechanical methods as well as electronic methods.

The mechanical methods come in the form of switch and trigger. Meanwhile, electronic methods include optical detection and acoustic detection.

Yawcam Latest Version
Yawcam Latest Version

Built-in Web Server

Another feature that is also crucial is the built-in web server. As webcam software, Yawcam is completed with a feature of the built-in web server to enable you to run the software and serve the contents to the World Wide Web. Since the web server has been built-in in the software, you will be able to use it easily.


In conclusion, this software is much considerable to install on your personal computer. Due to its features, I am sure, you will spring up your mind about to install this software. Get it now for your great streaming video!