Download Avast Password Manager [Windows & Mac]

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Download Avast Password Manager Latest Version for Windows & Mac – Do you really want to store sensitive information just in one place? Avast Password can be the right option to figure out. Designed to provide security, Avast Password is defined as a password and data manager letting you to safely store the sensitive information within one place only. This software can be quickly filled in the web forms. It can also be accessed through your online accounts.

Avast Password Manager
Avast Password Manager

Why do you need this software? As most of the people around the world know that internet browsers tend to store your identity, personal details and other crucial information, it may find unsecure and easy to be hacked. Herein, you must have software that enables you to store any sensitive information without feeling worried.

In this concern, there are several components of Avast Password Manager you have to know to deal with the function. Scroll down the page and find them out as follows:

Avast Password Manager Features

Some of the key features added to this software include:

  1. Logins which allow you to keep the detail information of your online accounts. This enables you to log in as quickly as you want.
  2. Credit Cards which permit you include your credit card information so that you can fill the forms when you make an online payment.
  3. Secure Notes which enable you to store the sensitive notes in Avast Password. This feature helps you to protect the crucial information out of the unauthorized sources.
  4. Master Password configuration that allows you to protect the information you keep in the software.
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Reasons Why Avast Password Manager Make Sense to Install

Do you know why you must choose this software? The only reason you have to know is that Avast Password Manager can store your passwords with a high level of encryption. In addition, to add more protection to your data in the software, you can create a master password.

System Requirements

Did you know what operating system supported by Avast Password? Well, this software supports most of the system requirements including Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP which are all in 32-bit and 64-bit.

These system requirements support will actually make you feel no worry again to install the software. Just make sure that your Windows are alright to use so that you can also run the software well with no interruption at all.

Avast Password Manager Latest Version
Avast Password Manager Latest Version

Internet Browsers Supports

Not all of the internet browsers are supporting this software. However, most of the popular internet browsers are supported. Those are including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Avast Secure Browser. Due to these internet browsers support, you can still be able to run the software since you must have been using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Avast Secure Browser in your daily browsing.


Conclusively, you can use Avast Password to store any sensitive information only in one place. Out of the three basic information about the software we have just shared, you will probably know how necessary to have this software installed on your computer.