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Do you realize that Copy Handler can be used for all Windows versions? So, it doesn’t matter what type of Windows you have already installed on your computer, this app is definitely suitable for you. Before we go deeper about this app, let’s now check the definition first.

Copy Handler is defined as a free and open source tool designed for Microsoft Windows. This software or app is also aimed to arrange many different copy operations on the folders. On the general, this software has the same function like TeraCopy and Ultracopier. On the other hands, this software helps you to provide manageable storage for your folders particularly on the external drives, CD/DVD units, flash drives, and many others.

Copy Handler Logo
Copy Handler Logo

Copy Handler Features

Considering the good side of the software, these are some features of Copy Handler that we are going to describe. Provide your 5 minutes only to read this article and you will find valuable information about the software.

Copy/Move Full Control

Do you know that Copy Handler serve you the copy/move full control which you may not get from the other software? Well, you must be happy to know this. This software completely enables you to maximize the functions of the buttons pause, resume, cancel, and restart. The pause buttons enable you to stop the ongoing copy if there is something you might want to change before you continue copying. The resume buttons allow you to resume the copying so that you will not have the wrong files copying.

Meanwhile, the cancel button is functioning definitely to stop the copying. And the last, the restart buttons, it allows you to restart the copying after you resume, pause or cancel the copying process.

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A large Number of Options

Another great feature offered by Copy Handler is a large number of options. It means that there are a lot of options you can take which include task queuing, file filters, auto-resume, logging, shutdown, different shell options and the size for adjusting buffers on the available CD-ROM/HDD/network, and many others.

This feature is actually enabling you to easily find the options you are looking for. Thus, you can find them easily and quickly due to a large number of options.

Copy Handler Latest Version
Copy Handler Latest Version

Customizable Application

Copy Handler is considered as the most customizable application in the area. You will find 60 particular areas which are customizable for your necessity. This is very good to support the users to enhance and customize the software so that the computer performance will be better and higher.

Easy To Operate

Copy Handler is also easy to operate. This cause everyone easily uses the software for their computers. Thus, this software is very much suitable either for a beginner or for the experts. Start using this software and prove the ease.


Finally, you can come to the conclusion that Copy Handler is one of the great software you may consider to install. Considering the four features we have shared above, you must think that you are going to have it now for your computer or laptop. So what are you waiting for right now?