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Format Factory is an app to convert media file format. This is a multifunctional media converter that supports video, audio, image conversion, DVD and CD ripping capabilities, creation and incorporation of ISO files. There are many tasks which this app can do that depend on a particular type of format, especially when dealing with multimedia files. Fortunately, there are various computer applications to choose from. This app may be a valuable solution for everyone who is trying to convert multimedia files, because this application can run on all versions of Windows, plus many features owned.

Format Factory
Format Factory

We can say that this converter app is a complete, multifunctional and free converter software created by ChenJunHao developer. For those of you who like to edit video and convert multimedia files such as video, audio, image and ROM device. Features in this app make users very easy to use this converter software. You will have a super complete facility and make these app users become addicted to using the feature of this media converter app. Moreover, this app supports 62 languages.

Format Factory Features

  • Support for many file formats

Before talking about the display, it is worth mentioning that this app supports multiple formats. The app can convert video, audio and image files into all kinds of formats such as MP3, MKV 3GP, MOV, AVI, ICO, MMF, TIF, AMR, M4A, MP2, TGA, PCX, and many others.

  • Support for merging files

Before or after converting video or audio tracks, you can choose to merge multiple files and get one big file. The app can combine files with the same format, but you can still adjust the quality and size of the output file.

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Format Factory Latest Version
Format Factory Latest Version
  • The features are clean

The look of Format Factory is interesting and well organized, although the app can process many file formats. This app is also very easy to use. All the main features are well managed on the left side of the main window, while the details of the conversion process are in the middle. If you are not satisfied with the looks, you can also choose a theme with another color, because this application also features some additional skins.

  • Features for ripping

In addition to changing the format, FormatFactory can also be used to rip DVDs and CDs or create ISO files based on the selected CD. You can even compress an ISO file and generate an OMS file, depending on your choice. When you handle very large files that require a lot of time for conversion or merging, you can set the app to turn off the PC when the process is over and you can leave the computer. So, you do not have to persist in front of the computer until the process finishes and turns off the computer manually.

In conclusion, Format Factory is the first choice when talking about applications for file conversion thanks to the various formats it supports, as well as the availability of various functions within it. Moreover, this app is free!

Note:  Format Factory file installer file is 100% absolutely free of viruses and malware, if you doubt about it, you can scan with Smadav 2021.