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Smadav is one of the most commonly used antiviruses for Windows users. Its reputation isn’t only caused by the fact that the overall program is painless to use but it’s quick to get the job done and just straight up reliable as a whole. Granted, it’s not recommended to be the core protection of your PC, but it is everyone’s secondary for when all else fails. Its popularity hasn’t waned even after all these years and the other new antivirus software popping up into the surface that is just as good.

Smadav Antivirus 2019

This antivirus works in a straightforward manner where it will protect and clean virus out of your beloved computer, and it works wonders too! In order to keep up with the development of ever more advanced technology, Smadav constantly comes up with a new and better-upgraded version to adjust its function. The latest upgrade of this nifty antivirus software would be the Smadav 2021 which promises you with enhanced and more superior PC protection, of course.

Smadav 2021 Features

First off, you ought to know the perks that come with upgrading to the latest Smadav version. Though this antivirus generally has the function to upgrade itself towards the newest version, it will only do so if you connect your PC to the internet and allow the software to update itself on the web. It’s one of the many advantages you can benefit from Smadav Pro 2021. It does not feature professional upgrade supplies at the beginning of a real-time computer system and this is not a bad thing at all. This means Smadav will update itself using a web link right away without a user command. That’s not the case with the Smadav Free though in which you have to download and install the upgrade manually. Free users also have to put up with the constant pop up a reminder of Smadav Pro offer every time you turn on your PC, so if you hate this kind of aide-mémoire then better step up your antivirus game and go get your hands on the Smadav Pro.

The new Smadav 2021 update comes with the following features:

  • Online automatic updates
  • Application tools functions
  • Remove initial messages
  • Anti-ransomware setups and Security in apps
  • Exemption lists
  • Admin password
  • Change show color or size
  • Earning Usage License

The Smadav 2021 comes with cleaner as well as handy tools to clean virus, obviously! These tools are useful for cleaning even an already infected computer and fix the registry change caused by the virus as well. The tools are as follows: One-Virus By-User which is useful for adding your suspect file manually for virus cleaning; Process Manager which is useful for managing processes and programs run in your computer; System Editor which is useful for changing some system options that are usually changed by the virus; Smad-Lock which is good at immunising your drive from some virus infection; and Win-Force which is valuable when it comes to forcing open some system management programs in Windows.

Smadav 2019
Smadav 2021

Those features mean improvements in terms of security along with an addition of a new database system and detection techniques, such as heuristic, behavior and whitelisting.

Smadav also only uses a small fraction of your computer resources. Most of the time, it even only uses less than 5 MB of memory and as small as 1% of CPU usage. So, rest assured that it won’t slow down your computer.

Is It Any Better than Smadav 2021?

Okay, this latest upgrade may come with all these fancy features that are not present in the previous versions but the $64,000 dollar question is, is it any good or even far better than what’s currently existing? Than the Smadav Free?

Here’s what might be the biggest selling point of the Smadav 2021. It is compatible with the other antiviruses you have on your PC. Let us paint you a picture to help you better understand that. Most antivirus software cannot operate with the other antivirus simultaneously. It’s because those antiviruses software is designed to be the main protection in your computer. This new version of Smadav, on the other hand, can do just that without the fear of crashes. Smadav is meant to be additional or second layer protection and that’s why it can be compatible and can be run together with another installed antivirus in your PC. This new capability finally comes into existence because it aims at cleaning up USB data. This translates to greater security.

One of the strong points of Smadav has always been its capability in scanning USB thumb drives. And many have greatly benefitted from Smadav due to its offline scans ability. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the main focus of this antivirus is to provide utmost protection against USB thumb drives which tend to bring virus when plugged into your PC. We all know that external storage media is susceptible to viruses and spreading them. Smadav relies on its own technology to fight off viruses nestled in a USB drive. It’s amazing how Smadav can detect many unknown viruses in USB drives even when those viruses aren’t in the database. That’s why Smadav is very handy to have in your computer because it can also clean your USB drives from virus and even going so far as to restore infected or hidden files in them.

That being said, Smadav Pro is not recommended to be your primary antivirus. It’s better that you keep using it as your additional defense and seek another antivirus that is, by design, meant for primary antivirus use.

Okay, another million-dollar question would be if the new Smadav Pro version any better than the Smadav Free. Well, truth be told both have similar detection capabilities. In other words, if a virus that infects your computer cannot be cleaned by the Smadav Free, there is a likelihood that the Smadav Pro can’t clean it too.

How to Install Smadav 2021

  • Click the download link above, then the 2021 Smadav installer file will automatically be downloaded. The downloaded file name is smadav.exe.
  • Open the file installer, then select the language you want to use in Smadav 2021, then click OK.
  • Then the install window appears, just click Next.
Install Smadav 2019
Install Smadav 2021
  • Then the “License Agreement” window appears, click “I accept the agreement“.
  • The “Additional Tasks” window appears, check “Create a desktop icon” if you want the 2021 SmadAV icon on the home page of your Windows desktop. Check “Allow sending statistics” if you want to send Smadav 2021 performance statistics to the developer.
  • The “Ready to Install” window then appears, just click Install.
  • The install process then runs, just wait a few seconds, Smadav 2021 will be installed.
  • Smadav 2021 was successfully installed and this antivirus has been running on your PC/laptop.

Download Smadav 2021 Free Latest Version

Other Alternatives to Smadav 2021

If you are thinking of looking for alternatives to Smadav 2021, we’ve got your curiosity covered! Below are some of the most recommended antivirus software worth having in your PC:

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Avast Free Antivirus 2021

Avast Free Antivirus 2019
Avast Free Antivirus 2021

Avast Free Antivirus comes with the three core requirements in the world of antivirus software: effectiveness in malware detection, the minimum impact on the PC and of course, the availability of a free version. However, Avast also offers you more than just those core requirements. For starters, it works fine with all modern platforms. It is definitely the best pick for anyone who utilizes many devices huddled in one network. The Avast Free Antivirus also comes with a free scanning of a home Wi-Fi or a wired network as well as each access device.

This is the ideal antivirus for those who love playing games, making a presentation in full screen or watching movies. There is even a “Do Not Disturb” mode to prevent all popups. It’s strong and reliable software because one of its highlights is offered various levels of protection against malware. It’s effective for detecting phishing sites and a strong security plug-in for browsers that detects suspicious sites automatically. Rest assured, this software won’t let you put a lot of effort into protecting your PC!

AVG Antivirus Free 2021

AVG Antivirus Free 2019
AVG Antivirus Free 2021

What’s probably been the biggest selling point of AVG is that it works in the background anytime your PC is turned on, and when the software detects a threat, it alerts you and puts the infected files into quarantine. This prevents you from accessing them on accident. Then, you can remove the files with just a few clicks here and there. Totally hassle-free and it works just fine with PC, Mac, and Android device too!

The AVG Antivirus Free is actually the basic plan from the Company while the next step up is the AVG Internet Security. The difference being the latter comes with additional features and a yearly cost. However, the AVG Antivirus Free 2021 is already capable of doing what’s commonly asked for in an antivirus, such as stopping malware, scanning for performance issues, blocking unsafe downloads or links, and even offering real-time security update. The free version comes with file shredder capability in which you can permanently wipe files by using the same technology that the US Department of Defence uses. Furthermore, you ought to like the passive mode for it allows you to run it as backup protection without interfering with your main antivirus program.

Avira Free Antivirus 2021

Avira Free Antivirus 2019
Avira Free Antivirus 2021

 Despite being the free version, this antivirus also offers the same speed with the Avira Pro. In fact, the Avira Free Antivirus is one of the best and highly recommended free antivirus software out there for various reasons, least of which is because it’s available for free. This antivirus is capable of protecting your PC from a wide range of malware threats and not just the traditional viruses. On top of that, it comes with a simple user interface.

You’d like the fact that it can work on Windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8 as well as 10 and the Mac OS. Its ability to let you choose when to start the software during the boot process is definitely an uncommon addition that not many antiviruses have. This program also comes with an advanced heuristic engine which is definitely a rare feature in a free tool. This particular feature allows the antivirus to detect malware that it’s not already aware of. Last but not least, Avira Free Antivirus also features automatic updates, so you can the program can keep up with the latest threat information.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft offers you a free solution to protect your Windows computer against malicious malware. It offers you real-time protection that can protect your computer against spyware, viruses, and rootkits. FYI, this program provides constant virus protection, which is called “resident” or “on-access” protection, all for free. This means the antivirus can completely replace antivirus software from famous companies like Norton or even McAfee that charge their users for annual updates.

This tool comes with fully functional engines to protect your PC against viruses and malware. There is also a manual malware checker in the form of an on-demand scanner which is very easy to use. Microsoft wants you to be stress-free when using this tool and that’s why there is a red/green indicator on this tool. This allows you to understand whether or not your PC is protected. On top of that, this tool also updates on a regular basis so as to keep its malware information current. This should go without saying but the Microsoft Software Essential is compatible with all Windows updates as well as Microsoft Office.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender
Windows Defender

All Windows 8 version and above now come with Windows Defender already installed. This antivirus is actually based on Microsoft Security Essentials where it offers basic protection for your PC across the board from spyware, malware, and viruses. One of the most obvious advantages of Windows Defender is that it is completely free. Therefore, it’s good for businesses who are just getting started and are reluctant to spend a hefty bill on computer security.

Moreover, Windows Defender is advantageous in that it uses fewer resources. This antivirus puts much less of a strain on your PC resources. It’s actually one of the perks of being designed by the same company that practically designed your operating system. This leads to a much smaller performance impact. This software also comes with a simple to set up and very user-friendly interface. Windows has pushed this antivirus’ skill to “one-click purge” all suspicious software once it’s been spotted. In a nutshell, this is a “set and forget” piece of antivirus that demands very little user input to work. It’s practically ready to function as soon as you activate it.

Last but not least, every human being on this planet is probably annoyed at those ads of the paid version that often manifest as pop-ups in pretty much all free antivirus software. The absence of such ads in Windows Defender is very much appreciated by all.

Whether you are still dead set on getting the Smadav 2021 or one of the aforementioned alternatives, make sure that your computer won’t suffer because of your poor choice!