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If some text editors like NotePad++ or Notepad2 come as free text editors, this software comes as a commercial one. The founder of this software is Ian D. Mead from IDM Computer Solutionsa Inc. Created in 1994, this text editor contains tools for programmers including macros, configurable syntax coloring, code folding, conversions of file type, and many others which are going to described further.

The stable release of UltraEdit was actually on August 2, 2018, for Windows and June 17, 2016, for Linux and macOS. It is designed to run on Windows, Linux, and macOS along with the size of 27.31 – 85.49 MB.


UltraEdit General Description

UltraEdit is originally called MEDIT which was designed to run on Windows 3.1. In the later time, a new version named UltraEdit-32 was created to run on Windows NT and Windows 95. The last creation was UltraEdit program which has type 6.20b.

Afterward, there is a change that is UltraEdit-32 renamed to UltraEdit in version 14.00. In this case, UltraEdit installation takes around 100 MB of disk space.

As a text editor, UltraEdit is Trialware. You can evaluate for free of charge within 30 or 15 days only. It depends on the usage. The application will work with its regular license key after the expiration date.

Key Features

It has more to offer. Like many other text editors, this software is completed with the key features which enable you to use it. Those are:

  • Great Size

It is considered to have a great size which is up to 4GB. It is very good to facilitate you the opening and the editing of large files.

  • Multi-Selection
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The multi-selection also enables you to select more than one option to get its function just in one Window.

  • Find-Replace

The most feature that most people are looking for from a text editor is “Find-Replace”. This feature enables you to find mistyped words or the words that you want to change and replace it with your desired words. This is very good to provide you an easy way of editing.

UltraEdit Latest Version
UltraEdit Latest Version
  • Extensible Code Highlighting

It is also possible to extend the code highlighting in UltraEdit. Maximize this function to support you to get the best result of editing.

  • Code Completion

Code completion is coming as the key feature to help you, too, to support many languages and detects multiple languages.

  • Themes Editing

Themes editing relates the way you make your document more interesting. In this case, your document will have professional-look by the settings of themes changing and editing you have done.

  • Hierarchical Function Listing

This feature is also available in UltraEdit to assist you with an easy way of making hierarchical listing, so that, you can find your document easily and effectively without any difficulty.


Out of the general description and the key features of UltraEdit above, I am sure you have obtained what you are looking for. Make sure you have checked all of the information you need to choose the right software for editing, one that is quite considerable is UltraEdit.