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Developer Mozilla Foundation
License Free
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Initially released on July 28, 2003, which is about 15 years ago, this software is designed to manage multiple emails, newsgroup as well as news feed accounts and the support for multiple identities within accounts. Also for information, this software is part of Mozilla Foundation, that also develops Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular web browser in the world.

Thunderbird offers some features which are basically supporting the system of email including the new email notifications and their extension. Other features found to be very beneficial in multiple email management. Do you want to know more about the features? Here we have selected some to describe for you. Check them out soon as follows.

Thunderbird Logo
Thunderbird Logo

Thunderbird Features

Good Message Management

The first feature you must check out is the good message management. Thunderbird has the ability to manage the messages in your mailbox, news feeds, and support the multiple identities within the account as we have told you above. This message management includes features like:

  • Quick search which enables you to quickly search the mail.
  • Other feature included is the saved search folders which allow you to save the folders you have searched.
  • Advanced message filtering which permits you to filter the messages.
  • Message grouping that enables you to categorize your messages into specific categories so that you will be able to easily find your desired message.
  • Labels Help Manage which also helps you to manage the label helps.

Junk Filtering

The second feature of Thunderbird you have to know is the ability of junk filtering. Junk filtering is based on the address book. Dealing with the spam filter, this feature helps you to maintain the messages coming in.

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Extensions and Themes

The next feature you may be amazed at is the extensions and themes. All you need to do is just to install XPInstall modules through the add-ons website. After installing, you will be able to update the extensions and maximize the functions available for Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Latest Version
Thunderbird Latest Version

File Format Supported

Now don’t miss the file format supported feature. As great software, Thunderbird offers format support for the mailbox by using plugin. However, this feature is not enabled if the work is in progress. The mailbox format supported includes:

  • Mbox: Unix mailbox format (enable you to hold many emails just in one file).
  • Maildir: Mail dir-lite (enable you to use one file per email).

Link for Big File

Another feature you can open up from Thunderbird is the link for the big file. In this case, the software has integration for the support of automatic linking. This automatic linking is available for large files. Thus, you don’t have to attach the files directly to the mail message. Well, this feature is very helpful especially when you need to send an email in a big size.


Finally, you may conclude that Thunderbird is quite much recommended especially when you are working with email. Along with the features offered, you will be able to easily manage your email as well as send emails with big file size. Get this software as soon as possible to support your easy working.