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Have you already heard about the term of USB block? Perhaps, you have been familiar with this term if you are one of the worldwide software users. However, if you are just a newcomer, you need to read this review from A to Z.

USB Block
USB Block

USB block is software for data leak prevention which enables you to restrict the unwanted USB ports, flash disk, and other external drives. This software is categorized as one of the data security software which is aimed to limit the untrusted devices and to allow you to use the trusted device based on your own experience.

The most important thing to know about this software is its main functions which are to protect all of your data types including photos, videos, documents, files and folders, and etc. You can make up your mind about this app’s ability to block unauthorized network computers and non-system drives which are not secure enough especially when you are using USB for data transform.

What to Know About USB Block

Check out the following review to get a better understanding.

Protect Files Out Of the Theft

The first point you have to understand USB Block is the feature of protecting files against the theft. You might have saved your files, documents, office stuff, photos, videos or movies fully in your PC, right? Well, you need this software to protect them all from the theft who want to copy them. This is actually the main purpose of why this software was created.

Ability to Detect Unauthorized Devices

The second point you have to check out is the ability to detect unauthorized devices. In this case, you can create a whitelist about the trusted device that you frequently use. You can copy any of your files to your USB or other portable devices. However, these devices cannot access your PC because of the block feature. If there is a detection of any unauthorized device, your password prompt will appear to give you options to take the device into the list or cancel all of the accessibility.

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Monitor Hack

USB block is also featuring monitor hack in which the main function is to find out whether someone tries to hack your USB block. Let’s come to think that there will be no successful hack due to the fact that you yourself know the password. Thus, the inaccurate password will be blocked to monitor.

Safe Mode Ability

Another beneficial feature for your USB protection is the safe mode ability. This means that USB block software is able to block the devices even it is on the safe mode. Therefore, there will be no third party which able to copy your valuable files out of the boot menu.

USB Block Latest Version
USB Block Latest Version

Stealth Mode Feature

Functioning similarly with the safe mode feature, stealth mode feature plays the role to make your files invisible so that it can prevent someone else from finding your private files or folders.


Overall, you definitely need USB block software to provide more security to your USB from a chance of data stealth. The five features of this software are quite considerable when you want to install the software.